High Speed Motors - Scammers, Liars, Crooks.

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I bought a car from a High Speed Motors in Bellerose NY.This dealership goes by 3 different names.

Car Castle, Luxury Autos of Great Neck and High Speed Motors. They ripped me off on the cost of the car, it was advertised at $13,999 and my contract ended up at over $16,600. They told me that since I only put down $2200 that they told Wells Fargo, my finance company, that I put down $3000 so I would get a better rate but the $2200 was never even taken off of the total of the car. They pocketed that money and scammed me on that.

I know there isnt much I can do about that but they also conned me into buying an after market warranty claiming that it covered everything and that I could go to an Audi dealership and only have to pay the $100 deductible. The car broke and I brought it to dealership. The Audi dealership contacted warranty company and low and behold, High Speed Motors never sent them payment or contract for warranty so there was no warranty. I have been calling them twice a week at the least for the last 2 months looking for my refund of $2,500.00.

They kept telling me that they are waiting for a refund from the warranty company. I called the warranty company, they told me that they were never sent payment they dont know why they would be waiting for a refund from them. I read reviews on these three business names after the fact and I should have done that before I even bothered with them. I cannot believe how many people they have done the exact same thing to.

They have been scamming since 2008 at least, that when the latest complaint was that I found.They need to be aired out, the people of the tristate area need to know what they are doing and to stay away from them.

Review about: Unfair Auto Sale.



Just found out they forged my signature on a completely different bill of sale to beat paying the sales tax plus the forged my signature on a power of attorney. I am pursuing legal action against these crooks.


I contacted Help Me Howard on FOX 5 and Arnold Diaz, Shame, Shame Shame on WPIX 11.Im waiting to hear back from them.

Until then I will continue letting the public know what these dirtbags are all about.

I am also in contact with the NY Dept of Consumer Affairs and the NY Attorney General.These guys have ripped off way too many people.


Does your area have a news station that "uncovers" scams? Sometimes they can help in "outing" a problem company....

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